Ann G. Thomas, Ed.D. is an innovator and leader in the area of journeying mindfully into the elder years. She has worked with women, both as a psychotherapist and as an educator/group leader to help them gain and perfect the skills and tools they need in order to embrace this journey.

Dr. Thomas' own personal journey began first in the South where she graduated from high school in Atlanta, Georgia before migrating north to earn her BA in English from Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. While this educational background would eventually prove invaluable, it wasn't immediately popular in the market place and she moved to the northeast and went on to earn three advanced degrees. Along the way she had two children, each of whom she is still willing to rave about to any who will listen, although her two grandchildren seem every bit as brilliant and charming as she remembers her children to have been at the same age.

Dr. Thomas' professional career has been varied over the years. She has been a teacher and administrator within the public school system, taught on the university level, worked as a consultant for such diverse organizations as Head Start, a drug treatment agency for women, a child abuse prevention organization, and served on the U.S. Department of Education team to develop national curriculum guidelines for early childhood caregivers.

In addition Dr. Thomas has owned a home for the frail elderly, served on the boards of several agencies providing services to the elderly, owned and directed a consulting firm that provided services to communities and organizations, and maintained a private practice as a psychotherapist for 40 years. She has lectured nationally and internationally to audiences ranging from church groups, college students, business men and women contemplating early retirement, chiropractors, psychologists and medical doctors who treat the elderly, and general audiences interested in their own aging process. As a storyteller she has entertained and enlightened audiences ranging from retirement communities to passengers on a cruise ship.

She is currently living and working in California and Florida.