“The Pursuit of Happiness”
                   Indianapolis Prime Times,  August ‘04

          “3 Easy Steps to Healthy Emotional Aging”
                   Senior News,  June ‘04

                   Seniors “2000”  August ‘02

          “Psychological Considerations in the Care of the Geriatric Patient”
                   ICA International Review of Chiropractic ‘94
          “Stress, Subluxation and the Elderly
                   Today’s Chiropractic  ‘96
          “Heeding the Mind”/Body Connection”
                   Today’s Chiropractic ‘01

          Grandparenting entries on
                   Parenting Clinic Blog (
          Articles on aging have also appeared in:
                   Forever Young
                     * Prime Times—NC
                   Senior News—WV
                   Tri-State Senior
                     * Seniors “2000”
                   Indianapolis Prime Time
                   Fifty Plus
                   Senior News PA
                     * NW Prime Times
                     *Senior Perspective
                   Best Years Beacon

* In addition to general articles on issues of interest to seniors in all of the above senior publications, Unmistakably Old columns have run in papers designated * from time to time and as an ongoing monthly column from Oct. ’09 to 2015 in Senior Perspective.



          “How to Eliminate Whining in Your Child”
                   Interview: Associated Content from Yahoo  Dec “10

          “Learning to Care: Caring to Learn”
                   Parenting With Spirit Vol 6, No. 2

          “A Five-Part Series on Birth Order”
                   Ohio Valley Parent  ‘01-‘02

          “Keeping the Peace”
                   Ohio Valley  Parent  Dec.‘00

          Parenting entries on
                   Parenting Clinic Blog (


          “Get Off My Island: A True UU Survivor”
                   UU World  ‘01
          “Pursuit of Happiness”
                   Tri-State Senior News
          “What to do When You’ve Drifted Apart”
                   NW Prime Times


          “Jokes About Aging”
                   NW Prime Times ‘08
          “Laughter and Brussels Sprouts
                   NW Prime Times ‘09

                    An ongoing series with 2 columns award winners
                   “Cougars” Semi-finalists Humor Press ‘Dec. ‘09
                   “The ‘S’ Word” Third Place Humor Press  Aug.‘09