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As a (now retired) psychotherapist, Dr. Thomas thinks both in terms of groups such as “Care Givers” or “Parents of Young Children” and of individual people because each of us fit into both categories. This double vision allows her to approach each talk or workshop from the perspective of the recipient’s need.

If you are a school or agency, a professional or regional association, a church or community, it is important that the person you hire will listen and understand that your particular group’s needs are not exactly like those of another. Because she listens, Ann provides designer services.

Dr. Thomas’ academic background and credentials are varied, allowing her to move effortlessly between topics without sacrificing depth. These include:

  1. Master's Degree (M.S.) in Child Development and Early Childhood Education
  2. Master's Degree (C.A.S.) in Counseling
  3. Doctor of Education Degree in Social Psychology and Organizational Development
  4. Post-doctoral training in Family Therapy
  5. Certified Alzheimer's Disease & Other Dementias Treatment Specialist Training
  6. CA current license in Marriage, Family Therapist (MFT 12406)

 Added to the academic is a varied background of experience including owning a residential care facility, teaching in private and public schools, teaching and administrating on the university level, working in a child abuse prevention agency, and developing parenting education materials now incorporated into national training for child care workers;

For more information on topics and types of talks and/or workshops available or to discuss scheduling or rates, please feel free to email Dr. Thomas at