Dr. Thomas' story, Charles Edward Cunningham, was selected for Storied Crossings: Award Winning Short Stories. Storied Crossings is an anthology of twenty short story contest winners, "waiting inside to amaze, amuse, delight and entertain you." Collected and published by Scribes Valley Publishing in Knoxville, Tennessee, it can be purchased directly from their website, scribesvalley.com.

From "Charles Edward Cunningham"

"Some patients were more interesting then others but none in the memory of any of the current staff was generating more interest than the man in Room 21."

From readers

"A great book filled with interesting stories with many twists and turns. Each story is better than the next one. Excellent authors with fantastic diversity and writing styles. Loved It!!!"

— J.J., Amazon.com

This book was a joy to read from cover to cover, as you review each great short story! It keeps your attention and you cant wait until you get to the next one. I do wish it was longer or had more entries, perhaps a volume two. Made me want to write.

— Vincent, Amazon.com

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